About the CWRNF

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The Civil War Roundtable of North Florida was founded in November 2012 in Gainesville, located in North Central Florida.  The CWRNF provides Civil War enthusiasts a regular meeting place to study and discuss the War Between the States.  We honor the men and women of the Civil War era and the sacrifices they made which shaped our nation.  It is the goal of this roundtable to educate the public about preservation of battlefields, monuments, and Civil War sites which, if not maintained, could be lost to history.


Magazine feature about the CWRNF:

The August 2014 issue of Senior Times, a local publication in Gainesville, features an article about the CWRNF entitled “Soldiers of the Roundtable: A Local Group Keeps the Civil War Alive.” The article was written by University of Florida journalism student Shayna Posses. A stack of this 1014 August issue is displayed at the monthly meetings for anyone who wishes to take one of these magazines. Diane Fischler also has many copies of this issue available which she can mail to interested parties. Contact Diane at:  diane@proofinggrounds.com

The website is:  http://www.seniortimesmagazine.com/digital-editions

Click on the August 2014 issue and follow directions.  Go to pages 36-39.