Battle of Gainesville 150th

August 16, 2014 CWRNF presence at the Battle of Gainesville re-enactment

The CWRNF reserved table space at the 150th anniversary commemoration of the Battle of Gainesville, held behind the downtown Matheson Museum. Two members, Terry Huston and Rosemary Cortez, volunteered to man the CWRNF table. They passed out the organization’s fliers and the Florida Civil War Heritage Trail booklets. They discussed the Civil War staple food item, hardtack (also referred to as “tooth dullers”), which was displayed on the table. See photos below taken by CWRNF member Sid Mayer of re-enactment scenes. The CWRNF banner made its premiere at this event.

The Gainesville Sun had an article (appearing August 17, 2014) on the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gainesville (actual battle took place August 17, 1864), in which the CWRNF was mentioned. The link to that article is:

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