Upcoming meeting topics

April 12, 2018:  Mark Laubacher will speak on A Surgeon’s Life Aboard USS Monitor.  Mark will discuss Dr. Daniel C. Logue’s 90-day service on this history-making Federal ironclad and the medical conditions he had to deal with while on board this warship.


May 10, 2018:  Historian Gary Marshall will speak on Conflicted Family, Conflicted County, Conflicted Nation:  The Civil War in Carroll County, Virginia.


June 14, 2018:  Robert Mattson will speak on the Civil War Navy in Florida, based on his book by the same title (2014).  His talk will focus on men, ships, and actions.  Robert is a Civil War reenactor who portrays a Union Navy seaman.


July 12, 2018:  Dr. Angela Zombek, history professor at St. Petersburg College (and a University of Florida graduate), will speak on Imprisonment in the Civil War Era.  Of the approximate 3.8 million soldiers in the Civil War, about 400,000 became POWs.


Aug. 9, 2018:  No meeting


Sept. 13, 2018:  Author and historian Dale Cox, of Two Egg (in the Panhandle), Florida, will speak on the Battle of Marianna (Sept. 27, 1864) and Natural Bridge (March 6, 1865).


Oct 11, 2018:  Peggy Macdonald, director of the Matheson History Museum in Gainesville, will speak on Esther Hill Hawks and the emergence of modern medicine during the Civil War.  Hawks was a physician, a Northerner, a teacher, a school administrator, a suffragist, and an abolitionist.  In her diaries, she describes heading to the South after the war to care for the newly freed slaves in her capacity as both a teacher and a doctor.


Nov. 8, 2018:  Donna Waller will give a talk on Why the Civil War Happened.  Dr. Waller is a retired Santa Fe College faculty member, where her teaching focus for 30 years was on the Civil War and the history of the American presidency.  In October 2014, she spoke to the CWRNF on the War with Mexico.


All meetings held at Trinity United Methodist Church

4000 NW 53rd Avenue

(front Education building, Room 232)

Gainesville, Florida 32653

6:30 to 8 p.m.

Program Topics and Speakers Subject to Change